Old Fashioned Butter Cake

Savor this delicious recipe of plain pure butter extra soft pound cake, ideal for a perfect breakfast or afternoon snack.


° Sugar 210 g
° Flour 200 g
° Eggs 4
° 1 tsp baking powder
° Melted butter 200 g


1In a bowl, put the 2 eggs and the sugar, then whisk well. Then add the flour and the teaspoon of baking powder. Mix everything well with a spoon.
2 Then melt the butter halfway in another bowl (only 1 min 20 in the microwave). Add the melted butter to the 1st mixture and mix well. Then add a zest of lemon or vanilla.
3Pour the contents into a cake mold or individual molds to make mini cakes. You can double the quantities if you want to make a bigger four quart. Bake at 180 °.
To finish
To check the doneness of your pound cake: plant the blade of a knife in the center of the pound cake, if the blade comes out dry and without crumbs, it's ready to be tasted! Eat it lukewarm. Enjoy your lunch !