She Wraps the Feet with Aluminum Foil… 2 days later, all her pains have disappeared!

The trick is simple and easy to apply: wrap the painful part of your body in aluminum foil and secure it with a bandage.
Leave it on for an hour. If your foot hurts, for example, wrap it in five or seven layers of paper. Place the cotton in between each layer and secure it with a bandage. Repeat this process three times in a row, with a difference of two hours.

Ideally, do this every night for 10 days. If you want to repeat this treatment after the prescribed period, you will need to take a break of one week before each application. Above all, feel free to do so and let us know the result.

 1- Getting rid of joint pain The aluminum foil method is very effective against the pain of sciatica, gout, arthritis and joint pain, especially pain in the feet or knees.  Once the pain starts to get strong, simply wrap the painful area with a layer of aluminum foil and press to cover the area well and leave it overnight. Repeat at night for two weeks followed by a two-week break and repeat the same process until the pain subsides. You will be pleasantly surprised by the result of this trick.

2 - Say goodbye to fatigue, lack of sleep or a stressful day that can confuse you completely at times, and even prevent you from doing two or three possibilities and ends up at home.  Aluminum foil is there to give you a boost and allow you to approach your day with more energy. Take a few strips of aluminum foil and put them in the freezer. After 2-3 hours, apply it to your cheeks and eyelids. You will immediately feel that your muscles are relaxing and relaxing. Once you are completely relaxed, remove the laces and enjoy your sense of well-being!