* ingredients:

°Minced meat
1 pound)
°Cured meat
1/2 pound
300 grams
°an onion
°Of your choice
1/4 cup
Of your choice
°Blues HOG (Original, Smoky Mountain, Tennessee)
°pork meat

*  Preparation:

1- Mix the minced meat and sausage meat.

2- Make a grid of bacon about 5 strips x 5 strips.

3- Make a mat of meat mixture the size of bacon and season it with your favorite spice mixture.

4- Place the chili, onion, ham and cheese on the meat mat. Add Blues Hog Smokey Mountain Sauce and wrap completely.

5- Then spread the meat mixture on the bacon mat.

6- Cover with your favorite spice mixture. (I used Bob)

7- Mix the original Blues Hog and Tennessee sauce together and brush it up while cooking.

Cook over indirect heat at 225 degrees Fahrenheit until internal cooking of 165 degrees Fahrenheit is achieved. Thickness is about 1 hour per inch.

Enjoy !