BananaSplit-Cake !

The perfect & simple-to-bake (no-bake) banana pie!

* ingredients :

° 1/2 cup  melted butter
°1 cup  cream cheese
° 1 packet of graham crackers
° 1/4 c  soft butter
°3 c powder sugar
°4 banana cut to slice
° 1 20-oz can pineapple, mash and drain
°1.5 c whip cream or bowl Cool Whip
° 1 jar maraschino cherrie
° 1 c pecan or walnuts
+ chocolate-sauce
° 1 tsp cake decorating (optional)

* Methods :

In bowl, Combine graham cracker with butter, press to 9" * 13" plate, chill for 11 minutes, in mixer bowl, beat cream cheese, butter, and powdered sugar for about 5 minutes distributed over graham cracker crust, then add Layer of banana slices, add piece pineapple  on  banana, spreading layer of whip cream with spoon, garnished with nuts &; maraschino cherries,add a little chocolate sauce and sprinkle over the cake decoration, leave in the fridge for at least 4 hours before serving!