Philly steak Quesadillas

* ingredients :

°1 p.
Tortilla (wheat)

°100 grams
Minced meat)

°100 grams
tomato (meat)

°1 teaspoon
Anesthesia cream

°20 grams
grated cheese

°1/10 bu.
Coriander (fresh)

* Methods : 

level 1

In a hot skillet, add a little olive oil and steak. Fry them over high heat for two minutes, dividing them with a spoon. Salt and Pepper.

tomato (meat)
The second step

Add the tomatoes, mix and simmer for another 2 minutes. Feel free to add a little more cayenne pepper or Tabasco if you have it.

Step 3

When the meat is ready, decorate the tortilla on one side with the mixture of beef and tomatoes, add cream and grated cheese. (Optional: a few coriander leaves). Salt and Pepper.

Step 4

Fold the quesadilla in half.

Fifth step

Fry the quesadillas for 2 minutes on each side, until the cheese has melted.

Step 6

Cut the quesadillas into three or four pieces and serve with a little tomato and lemon sauce, if desired. it's ready !

Enjoy !