Bread Pudding Slow Cooker Recipe


°three eggs
°½ cup packed brown sugar
°1 ton of floor nutmeg
°1 cup heavy cream
°1 cup milk
°1 1/f4our of vanilla extract
°1/four cup melted butter
°half c raisins
°Half a cup of chips
°half c pecans
°2 lots of cinnamon
° 20 slices wheat bread, 1 inch cube
°1/3 cup heavy cream
°1 cup sugar
°half cup butter
°1.five lots of rum (or different favored liquor)

* Directions :

Spray ingslow cooker with cook spray
Whisking eggs, brown sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg in a bowl
Add the milk, heavy cream, vanilla and butter
Add bread cubes to get wet
Add sweet chips, raisins and pecans to slices
Simmer on low warmness for two hours or till center is firm
Cover and depart it for 30 minutes
Serve heat with glaze or whipped cream
For glaze, optional
Melt all components except the rum and do not boil
upload rum
Pour over buttermilk bread gradual cooker recipe

Enjoy !